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unit size guide

5×10 (50 sq ft.) Walk-in closet Furnishings from a dorm room or small studio apt., it’s not a huge space but definitely enough for one or two large pieces like a desk and love seat, a mattress and also a dozen boxes and small misc items.
10×10 (100 sq. ft.) Average size bedroom Furnishings from a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment or townhouse should fit very well here. You can count on your refrigerator, kitchen table, washer/dryer, and bedroom sets fitting nicely in this 100 sq foot space.
10×20 (200 sq. ft) Large one car garage Furnishings from a 2-3 bedroom home; You’ll be able to get all of your large appliances, patio furniture, dining room set, bedroom sets, sofa, mattress, boxes, etc. 200 sq feet can fit a lot more than you might think if it’s packed right.
10×28 (280 sq. ft. ) XL one car garage Furnishings from a large 3-4 bedroom home. It’s the queen of all our spaces, you can fit just about everything from a standard size home in here, it’s a good bet to hold most contents of a 40 ft. moving van, too.